What is garbage?

What is in garbage? 7.9% of it is metal,

the most garbage is paper and food.

Some good scrap metal are televisions and computers.

In one year there is enough waste made to go to the moon.

Cows and termites are said to make more methane than landfill sites as a by-product of their digestive systems.

Americans make 4.4 pounds of garbage on average each day. Every landfill has 3.5 million tons of waste when full.

42% of garbage is paper and/or cloth.

There are over 15,000 landfills in America.

We produce more than 30 million tons of hazardous waste a year.

People who work with garbage call garbage waste.

The average person throws away more than four pounds of trash a day.

Food waste can be composted in a wormbin.

Put paper towels out of easy reach so that they will be used only when needed.

Garbage is what we do not need.

Another name for garbage is maniciput solid waste.

We creat about 210 milyon tuns of garbage each year.

It is usualy rotin foods that make us think garbage smells bad.

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